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Caravan Hire Listing Tips

Caravan Hire Ingoldmells want to help you make your listings for your caravan holiday listings as search engine and end user as friendly as we can. So have added a few tips to help you add your caravans and will help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation )


  • The title of your listing should not be written in all capitals. A nice and clean van, Will not help your SEO but, A 2 bedroom 6 berth nice and clean caravan in Ingoldmells will. Also telling your potential customers the information to click on your listing and read more.
  • Your description should not be simply copied from another site as even if it is your own description from the other site the search engines do not like to duplicate descripions. So please keep it unique.
  • Keep your description as informative about the caravan you are listing stating Make/Model, Bedrooms, Max Berth, Size.
  • State all your options and services available while keeping your description keyword saturated.
  • Your caravan description should be full of information for your potential customers and not just a list of keywords.
  • Keep all descriptions factual and list all your caravan and your site amenities.
  • Give your potential customers at least 2 methods of contact.
  • Once again do not use all capital letters in your description.
  • Make all terms and conditions clear in the caravan listing regarding bonds, arrival – depature times etc, Pet Friendly, Smoking, Same sex groups etc.
  • Add the maximum amount of pictures as you can. Showing your caravan outside then as many of the interior as allowed. Rename the pictures rather than leaving them as img_345
    Please keep your pictures to about 1000p for easy loading.
  • A form of showing dates available and cost for that period will be benificial to your potential clients.
  • After placing your advert try the contact form at the bottom of the listing to check you recieve messages.

Imagine you are looking for a caravan holiday in Ingoldmells. What would be your key searchwords? Are they in your title and or description. Would you consider your listing informative, descriptive and contain enough good images of your caravan to pursuade the reader to contact you and book your caravan.

Once again keeping everything unique not only helps your caravan listing get better exposure but also helps with this web sites page rank which in turn means your caravan will appear higher on the search engine listing page.